Benefits Of Using Free Images To Decrease The Bounce Rate Of Your Site

It takes about five minutes to hold an adult’s attention and if you want to decrease the bouncing rate for websites then it is important to make a good impression in the first five minutes. If the site is made up of technicalities, then chances are the website has a high bounce rate. To limit this, most would put up high-quality photos or images to convey the company’s message as well as entice the viewer to stay longer. The problem that most companies are faced with, especially for small to medium enterprises, is finding the best way to come up with a powerful image without overspending their budget. This is where free stock images or public domain photos come in.

Public Domain Photos

One of the best things about photos that are in the public domain is that they are free to use so one does not need to pay for the images they are interested in putting in their site. Creative Commons or “CC0 images” are excellent choices as they are high-quality images that one can use and since they are high quality, their resolutions are often excellent and can convey the message(s) that the company wants to get across to the visitor.

Another advantage of the use of stock images is that there are thousands of choices or images that one can choose. One can look at the photo that best describes what they need and most of the images are already formatted to different sizes so one can just choose the appropriate size they need and even the resolution and download or print it. Although there are the chances that the same image has been used in other websites, by altering the image slightly, one can make the photo unique to their website. One can also choose other graphics to add to the image so it is easy to find one that is not frequently downloaded but relevant to one’s website.

Copyright Act

Before downloading images, it is important to check that the image selected is royalty free as there are some free stock images that have been downloaded from paid sites and this can cause a problem for you later on. “CC-licensed images” also have some restrictions in that they may require attributions to the author or owner of the image(s). If you have no problem with acknowledging the owner, then you should not have any complication and you can distribute or modify the photo to your heart’s content. With this in mind, one can decrease the website’s bounce rate and make the site attractive to the visitors.

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Stock Photo Free Download

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