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As a blogger, it is important that you don’t only focus on words; you should also consider using images to scintillate your audience. Imaging is very important and it should not be overlooked to promote your blog and drive traffic to your blog. Imaging will also help to give meaning to the posts and pages on your blog. Imaging will also explain the visual context of the contents of your blog. The images will help visualize your blog and help it to generate more traffic. Imaging will certainly help you to assign meaning to you your blog posts. Images will help your posts break down properly and help to motivate your visitors to read more. The images will certainly make your blog posts more appealing and visitors will come back for more.

However, clip art photos are not advisable, while most Google images have copyright issues. So you need to look out for the best free images that you will use for your blog. If you are just starting out your blog, you need to look for free images that you can do with. There are sites out there that enjoy providing images for free with no royalty fee and with absolutely no strings attached. Also, you don’t need to pay any membership fee to download at their sites. There are some sites that are royalty free but not completely free stock images, while there are some sites with images that are completely free.

Here are some few sites you can find free stock images for your blog:

IMG Photos

This is the best website where you can get your free stock images. You can get free images both for individual and commercial use. You just have to create an account with them by signing up and you can enjoy all the free stock images with no royalty fee. You can get free photos of all kinds which include images nature, scenery, animals, wallpapers, gaming and so on. IMG photos can be reached on their website at .  The great thing about this site is that you can use their images for both individual and commercial use. You can use the image you download from IMG photos to generate revenue. That is why IMG is regarded as the best. You should definitely try the website out.

.  The great thing about this site is that you can use their images for both individual and commercial use. You can use the image you download from IMG photos to generate revenue. That is why IMG is regarded as the best. You should definitely try the website out.


Pixabay is also a nice pictures collection that offers stunning photos for your blog. They provide completely free pictures and royalty free stocks. They have over 1 million plus stock images that are of high quality and they also have amazing videos shared by their talented community. Pixabay is completely free and you can explore their pictures on their website with or without signing up to their site. Pixabay has a unique license that can make them use a license without giving license to the owner or artist. They offer a wide range of free photos, you can try them out.


Unsplash also offers a wide range of free stock photos and it is one of the best sources for free stock images. Unsplash provides beautiful free photos that are gifted to them by the most generous photographers. Unsplash provides varieties of free photos, ranging from; Nature, Wallpapers, Architecture, Fashion and so on. You can download with or without joining their team. The unsplash platform has a lot of community members, and therefore, a lot of amazing pictures.


Burst is a free stock photo platform that is provided by Spotify. Burst is provided mainly for Entrepreneurs. You can make use of free photos to promote your products or services and your blog. Most of the pictures in Burst are taken in-house. The free stock photos in the burst can be used individually and for commercial purposes. The stunning stock images of Burst are very good for your website. The library of burst includes high-resolution free stock images that are royalty free. The main aim of the burst is to provide individuals and companies, and most importantly entrepreneurs with beautiful photos. The Burst platform provides the most stunning kinds of pictures.


Gratistography is also a fantastic website that you can use to get free stock images to your blog. The website of gratistography offers high quality and high-resolution photos that can be useful for personal or commercial purposes. At grastistography they update their photo stocks every week and they are free of copyright issues. They provide creative and quirky images. They are regarded as the world’s quirkiest and smart free stock pictures provider. They provide photos that you just might not find anywhere else.


StockSnap is a pretty interesting site that you can get your free photos. They have a very big collection, and they provide free stock images. They add hundreds of images every day and they provide pictures that have no royalty fee.  They have a stock of handpicked photos that you almost cannot find anywhere else. These pictures are of high quality and high resolution.

You can see from the above pictures site that you can use completely free pictures for your blog with no issue of copyright. If you are a new blogger, you might not be able to afford to buy photos, which is why you have to take advantage of the free ones available to you. I will more specifically recommend IMG photos because of the pretty impressive packages they provide. You need to utilize these services by all means for your blog because they are reliable and they contain every possible picture that you need.

So, there are lots of free pictures on the internet, you just need to know what you are looking for and the best ones that will suit your blogs. You should just know exactly where to look for. That really is the ingredient. Therefore, with all the free images that you have at your disposal on the internet, there is no reason why you should leave your blog empty and not add many visuals to your website.

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