12 Best Free Beach Background Wallpapers of 2019

No matter winter or summer, a vacation to the beach always sounds like a serene escape. If you love the beach but can’t always visit there in person, you’re going to want to download one of these free beach wallpapers.

These free beach wallpapers are just what you need to liven up your home or office and let your mind and soul slip into the beach, if only for a few minutes a day. If you’d like a little less sand and a lot more water then check out these free ocean wallpapers. You can also browse for more beach wallpapers at the best free wallpaper sites.

The beach wallpapers here are too small to download and use on your desktop. You must visit each link to get the wallpapers.

01. Tropical Beach Wallpaper

A Beach With Palms and a Lounger

Beach Backgrounds

This free beach wallpaper is simply breathtaking with the lounger, umbrella, palm trees, white sand, and sparkling blue water. You can download this free beach wallpaper in a ton of different sizes for whatever computer desktop you have.

02. Blissful Paradise
Sunset From the Beach

Desktop Images

Sunset has touched down on this lovely beach wallpaper. Download this beach wallpaper in all kinds of sizes for all kinds of computer monitors.

03 Palm After Palm
Three Palm Trees During a Sunset

These palms are stretching out toward the setting sun. Get this free beach wallpaper as an HD or SD wallpaper.

04 Pink Starfish

Wallpapers Land

We simply adore this beach wallpaper. A pink starfish is washed up and is caught perfectly in the morning light.

5 Amazing Sunset
A Sunset With Palm Trees Over the Beach


This beach wallpaper shows a stunning sunset on a beach full of palm trees. Download this free beach wallpaper in a ton of different sizes for your full-screen computer monitor.

06 Ageeba at Open Walls

A Beach in Egypt

Open Walls

This beach wallpaper shows the beautiful Ageeba Beach in Egypt from a unique vantage point. There are lots of different sizes of this beach wallpaper for your normal or widescreen computer screen as well as for your cell phone.

07 Colorful Chairs

Colorful Chairs on the Beach

Wallpaper FX

We love the simplicity and color of this beach wallpaper. No matter what size your computer monitor is, you’ll be able to find your size for this free beach wallpaper.

08 Shade

A Colorful Beach Umbrella

You’ll want to take a beach vacation after you’ve taken a look at this beach wallpaper. This free beach wallpaper is available for whatever size computer monitor you have.

09 Sand Ripples

Ripples in Beach Sand


This is a great beach wallpaper if you’re looking for a little texture to your beach. Download this free beach wallpaper for any size of a normal computer monitor.

10 Misawa Beach by Desktop Wallpaper HD

Misawa Beach, Japan

Desktop Wallpaper HD

The beach in this beach wallpaper can be found on the coast of Misawa, Japan. It’s lovely how the sunrise illuminates the waves in this beach wallpaper.

11 Shell on the Sand

A Shell Laying on the Beach


A unique beach wallpaper that offers a close up of a lone shell on the beach. You can download this free beach wallpaper in sizes for full screen and widescreen computer monitors.

12 Beach at Sunset

A Palm Tree on the Beach

The setting sun makes this free beach wallpaper glow. Download this beach wallpaper in normal, wide, or HD resolutions. at: https://img.photos/search/images/beach-wallpapers/

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